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Paula Odete Fernandes, Carla Alexandra Fontes

Fontes, C., Leite, J., & Fernandes, P. O. (2022). Structural Autonomy and Management Performance: An Influence Reinforced in the Particular Context of Portuguese Public Secondary Schools. Administrative Sciences12(4), 172.

Paula Odete Fernandes, Carlos Rompante da Cunha, Sérgio Dominique Ferreira Lopes, Ricardo Alexandre Fontes Correia, Carla Alexandra Fontes

Correia, R., Carvalho, A., Parafita, A., Cunha, C. R., Fontes, C., Fernandes, P. O., ... & Ramalhosa, E. (2019). Touristic experiences the living in the Grandma’s house’project. In International Workshop Tourism and Hospitality Management (IWTHM2019). ISAG.