DuraDOURO - meeting in Alcañices

The UNIAG,  on 21 February,  attended the meeting in Alcañices (Zamora) for the exchange of experiences and proposals for the future of producers, farmers and livestock breeders for the protection


PUBHB Bragança - 17th Edition

The PubhD Bragança is back on January 27th '23, at 18h30 in MARRON Oficina da Castanha.

- Ives Gutierriz, from UNIAG - "The digital transformation in the promotion of cultural,


UNIAG's Christmas Wishes

One more Christmas is coming. It is time for reflection and thankfulness. UNIAG would like to express its gratefulness to everyone who has been part of it. Thank you for


PUBHB Bragança

A challenge that many have already accepted, we are going in the 16th edition and we are returning to a very special place: to "Marron - Oficina da Castanha".