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TitleFunded ByStart Date
DuraDOURO DuraDOURO: DuraDOURO: El Duero como recurso perdurable del paisaje y el territorio de la frontera - 0785_DURADOURO_2_EPOCTEP | Programa Operativo Cooperación Transfronteriza2022
OleaChain - Skills for sustainability and innovation in the value chain of traditional olive groves in the Northern Interior of Portugal - NORTE-06-3559-FSE-000188NORTE 20202021
BIOma - Integrated BIOeconomy Solutions for the Mobilization of the Agro-Food Chain - POCI-01-0247-FEDER-046112Compete 20202020
GreenHealth - Digital and biological asset-based strategies to improve well-being and promote green health - NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000042NORTE 20202020
PPIN - Portugal Polytechnics International Network - POCI-02-0651-FEDER-016177Compete 2020
AquaValor - Water Technology Transfer and Valorisation Centre (AquaValor) - NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000053NORTE 2020
SimEmp- Business Simulation IPB, Applied Management Research Unit, and Caixa CA Foundation