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Ricardo Bahia Machado

Silva, S., Silva, A., & Machado, R. B. (2022). Does board-level employee representation impact firms’ value? Evidence from the European countries. Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance30(4), 465-488.

Ricardo Bahia Machado

Machado, R. B. (2016). The determinants of employee ownership plan implementation in EU countries – the quest for economic democracy: a first look at the evidence. Organizacija: Journal of Management, Informatics and Human Resources, 49(2). 94-107. ISSN: 1581-1832. DOI: 10.1515/orga-2016-0007

Ricardo Bahia Machado

Machado, R. B. (2011). Las dimensiones de la participación financiera en Europa. Economía Social, 104, 6.