Elvira Pacheco Vieira

He graduated in Applied Economics from the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2007. He is Coordinating Professor and Coordinating Researcher at the Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão. He has published over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 28 papers in event proceedings, has 4 book chapters and 2 books published. He has technical production items. He has participated in more than 30 events in Portugal and abroad. He has supervised 1 PhD thesis and co-supervised 1, has supervised several MSc dissertations in the areas of Economics and Management, Other Social Sciences and Economic and Social Geography. He has received 1 award and/or homage. He works in the areas of Social Sciences with emphasis in Economics and Management, Social Sciences with emphasis in Economic and Social Geography and Social Sciences with emphasis in Other Social Sciences. In his professional activities he has interacted with 19 collaborators in co-authorship of scientific papers.