Luís Carlos Magalhães Pires

In 2004 Luís Carlos Pires received a PhD degree in Production & Systems Engineering by Universidade do Minho, Portugal. He began his academic career at IPB in 1996, where he made his career progress and is currently Coordinator professor at School of Public Management, Communication and Tourism (EsACT-IPB), at the Business and Legal Sciences department, lecturing Logistics, Production Management, Process Management and Project Management. He is currently a member of UNIAG (Applied Management Research Unit) and its main research interests focus on the study of collaborative networks in digitalization and society 5.0, process development to support architectures running virtual enterprise life cycle, lean manufacturing, problem based learning (PBL), having published several papers and book chapters on that issues and being members of several team projects across several knowledge issues. He has coordinated and/or participated in several National and International research projects, among them stand out CRT-ATM, CRECEER, Vivavó, GreenHealth and olivaTMAD. Currently, the project of digital memory of the material and immaterial heritage of the Northeast of Trás-os-Montes is in an advanced stage of preparation. He had served as director of EsACT-IPB from 2013 to the 2020, as well as pro-president for IPB communication from 2018 to 2020.