Alexandra Isabela Lopes Correia

Alexandra Correia holds a Ph.D. from Bournemouth University (UK) and is Assistant Professor and researcher in the tourism field at Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in digital marketing. She is integrated member Centre for Tourism Research, Development, and Innovation (CiTUR), and collaborates as a researcher in the Applied Management Research Unit (UNIAG). She is the Head of the Master´s on Innovative Tourism Development and her main interests and publications include wine tourism, inter-business cooperation, tourism experiences, soft skills in tourism, outdoor tourism, and digital marketing, with a special emphasis on content media marketing in Tourism. She has been responsible for international and national internships in Tourism and Hospitality. She has also been involved in funded I&D national and international projects, along with projects with local private and public organizations. She is currently involved in the following research projects: TURNOUT aiming at understanding the development of Outdoor Tourism in the North region of Portugal (co-financed by FEDER), and CULTSENSE - Sensitizing Young Travellers to Local Cultures, Erasmus + Programme.