Ana Paula Carvalho do Monte

Ana Paula Monte is graduated in Business Administration, MSc Degree in Business Management and PhD in Management Sciences –Specialization in Corporate Finance (in 2008). She is Full Professor at Department of Business and Social Sciences of Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal). She teaches several courses in the field of corporate finance, financial risk management and financial calculus since 1995 at undergraduate and graduate level. She is member of Scientific Committee and coordinator at IPB of the Master in Accountancy and Finance (APNOR) since 2009. She participated in 3 R&D international projects (2 as coordinator in IPB) and taught in 3 intensive programs (2 LLP/Erasmus IP). She supervised more than 50 master thesis with success (10 written in English). She has more than 45 publications in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings, and has several communications in international scientific conferences (won3 awards as best paper). She collaborates as reviewer with some journals and international scientific conferences. Main research interests are capital structure determinants, financial literacy, corporate social responsibility, emotional competences in management, behavioral finance, and corporate valuation methods.